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Welcome to SEMiCOLON

As the tagline says, we aim for a better Turkish web. But that’s not all we are here to do; we are here to support all kinds of projects and ideas to develop in a helping environment. Whether it’s Turkish, English, or Arabic with all the experiences we have. Using all the inspiration we got from other projects, all the criticism we got from our clients and all the creative ideas came up with to give the best product we can give.


Online Marketing

Got a product newly launched? Want it to be the new trend? We can help you getting it famous.

Web Development

Want your website to be FABULOUS? contact us, we can make it happen

Mobile Applications

Have an Idea for a new application? We got the team to make it real

Dedicated Servers

Want to build something HUGE? We got these dedicated servers just for that.

VPS Hosting

We have super fast VPS servers, for all sorts of web projects you may come up with.

Domain Registration

We can get you the domain your project deserves, have no worries!

Big or small, we can handle it

Whether it is a personal website for you or an official website for your company A small application with simple features or a complicate-laser-powered cross-platformer; WE can do it!

We got the experience you need

We are a team of well trained and experienced programmers, developers, and designers; WE have trust in what we have, and WE can help you do what you need.

Whatever it is

Whatever the device it is going to run on. Whatever platform that device uses. Whatever your project is. WE can get it done.